Taming and Training

Taming a pet budgerigar is all about gaining their trust. You are much bigger than them, and their natural instinct will be to feel intimidated. It takes a little time to reassure a young budgerigar that the hulking monster beyond the cage is not only harmless, but is a friend and playmate too.

Sudden movements, loud noise and banging things against the cage will frighten your budgerigar, no matter how happy and extrovert they seem. Sticking a hand inside the cage will spook them too, so things have to be taken slowly.

Taming individual budgerigars requires time and effort. If you want to tame a budgerigar fast, you’ll need to hold several training sessions each day. That way, you might have a hand-tamed budgerigar in a week or two. The more time you put in, the fewer days or weeks it will take to gain his trust.

Building trust is the key – this is the first step, whether you’re attempting to get a budgerigar talking, perching on your shoulder and performing a couple of tricks, or simply aiming for a cageful of budgerigars happy with your presence.

budgie taming and training